Gryphon presents...

Zane's Tower

Credits · License Agreement


Zane's Tower v1.1 ©2002

JavaScript based 3D adventure game written by R. Brian Redd, in association with Gryphon

Based on "Zane's Keep" and "Zane's Maze" text-based adventure games, written in BASIC by R. Brian Redd.

All graphics created or modified by R. Brian Redd, with the exception as follows:

All monster graphics were taken from various Internet web sites and modified to fit this program. This was not done with intent of malice or with intent to make profit from another's work - it was simply done because I can't draw worth a darn. Exact source references were lost in the process of development.

While this program will work only with Microsoft Internet Explorer, no endorsement of this or any other (Microsoft) product is intended - I simply haven't had the time or patience to write Netscape friendly code.

License Agreement

Zane's Tower is intended as FREEWARE. No money was taken in the creation of this game, nor shall any money be exchanged for the distribution of this game.

The code is freely available and may be modified as seen fit, with the following stipulation: The Author (R. Brian Redd) shall be informed of any modifications or improvements made to this code. (In other words, since I'm sharing my work with you, please share your work with me.)

This program is distributed AS IS. No guarantees or warranties or stated or implied with this software product. Neither the Author or Gryphon are to be help responsible for any damages caused directly or indirectly due to the installation of this software program. (In other words, if installing this program on your computer causes it to crash, it ain't my fault!).

NEVER INSTALL SOFTWARE FROM AN UNKNOWN OR UNTRUSTED SOURCE! Stop the spread of Internet viruses; practice safe computing!

Thank you for choosing Zane's Tower! Enjoy!