About Me


Hello, and welcome to R Brian Redd.com!

I am your host, R Brian Redd , a forty-something web developer
living in Denver with my lovely wife (Laurel, a maker of fine organic soaps and body products), my loving cats, and one to four housemates.

I am a man of diverse interests: computers, writing (fantasy mostly), renaissance festivals, philosophy, trebuchets, beer (drinking and brewing), mead (drinking and brewing), scotch (just drinking), cigars, music, film, and most things nerdy. I'm a proud geek, a world traveler, and a student of life.

The first pivotal memory from my youth was sitting in a movie theater with my mother, annoyed because I didn't want to be there, and having her read to me words scrolling up the screen. And then... camera pans to the surface of a planet, and there was this ship! And it flew over head, and kept going... and going... and going... Yes, the movie was Star Wars (and this was in '77, before it was "Espisode IV: A New Hope"), and I haven't been the same since!