Here is a brief list of current and past web projects I've done. Most of these are the result of my need to learn (and teach myself) the intricacies of web development.

Craps (in HTML5)

My first 'useful' foray into HTML5 programming, this is a simple craps game taking advantage of HTML5's canvas tag. No images were used in the creation of this game.

Derived from the book The Essential Guide to HTML5 by Jeanine Meyer.

HTML5 Craps

Blackjack (in CSS3 and jQuery)

In going through Ryan Benedetti & Ronan Cranley's Head First jQuery, we had a lesson on JavaScript objects, and a very simple Blackjack game was the exercise. I, however, didn't like the one from the book, so I took it and ran with it. This could still use some work (of course), but I'm rather proud of how it turned out.


Zane's Tower

In the early 'oughts', I found myself unemployed. I took advantage of the free time to teach myself JavaScript. "Zane's Tower" is the result. Based in part on a text-based BASIC game I wrote in high school (for my Commodore 64), "Zane's Tower" is an adventure game based on a customizable randomly- generated tower. Your goal: escape.

NOTE: This game is ten years old, and was designed for IE5(!). You have been warned! (It is my goal to rewrite this in some of the shinier, more modern code now available -- HTML5 and jQuery in particular).

Zane's Tower

Roborally Online

Roborally (© Wizards of the Coast) is a board game I fell in love with in the mid '90's, and I had always thought it would translate well to the web. This is my attempt to do just that. It is built with CSS3, jQuery, and some other JS libraries (including jQueryUI). This was also my first attempt at programming artificial intelligence (the robot opponents try and make decisions that are not completely random, although they are not as "intelligent" as I'd like.


Trebuchets (out of actual wood)

A man cannot exist on virtual achievements alone. I always loved the trebuchet, so when I decided to take a break from sitting at my computer all day, I decided to start making some. For now, you can visit my Facebook page to see them (although soon I shall have a separate slide show posted here as well), or watch a couple of videos I've posted on YouTube.