My first "all nighter" was Christmas night 1981, when I
spent all night learning BASIC on my brand new Vic-20 computer. I've been fascinated with computers ever-since.

Although I graduated from the University of Colorado with a liberal art's degree (Religious Studies), I've always owned and used a computer. Professionally, I've been in the IT field since 1997. Currently, I'm a Support and Implementation Engineer for Olive Software (a position I've held since 2002). Prior to that, I taught Cisco classes (CCNA and CCDA) for the now- defunct Oxford Lane. In the interim between Oxford Lane and Olive, I taught myself JavaScript by building a web-based computer game, Zane's Tower.

Web Design is a passion of mine. I've recently decided to delve into the latest technologies (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, etc) and feel that the future of the web is limitless. When once I used to connect my computer to our TV, now we watch TV on our computers. My phone has more power now than my first desktop PC. And its only going to get brighter. (Two words: augmented reality!)

We live in the future, my friends! Embrace it! (Although, I still want to know where my flying car is! And hoverboards! When are we getting those?)